BioMat Treatments


How the BioMat works

Our BioMat helps with the relaxation of muscles, and the increase of circulation on local areas that the body is applied to in treatment. It can bring relief in minor muscle pain and joint pain or stiffness. It can help also with easing the pain of your back, minor sprains, strains and muscle spasms.

The core of the BioMat uses Amethyst crystals and emits a Far Infrared Ray of heat to soothe and relax your joints and muscle in the area of your body applied to the mat. This can speed up your body’s natural healing process and calm inflammation in your joints and muscles.


What it does for your body

  • Reduces stress and fatigue said to soothe and relax.

  • Helps to support your immune system

  • Helps with sleep associated pains and relieving them.

  • Reduces inflammation in your body where applied.

  • Increased circulation of your blood flood where applied, which will lead to increased tissue oxygen.


Treatments that offer our

Bio-mat Experience